Clear + Brilliant shows encouraging results in a small-scale Singapore study

International Master Course on Aging Skin Asia 2011
Singapore, 17-19 July 2011

Clear + Brilliant (Solta Medical Inc), a fractional laser technology-based anti-ageing treatment device launched earlier in May, shows encouraging results in a Singapore study consisting of a small group of healthy volunteers.

Presenting at IMCAS Asia 2011, Dr Joyce Lim, a dermatologist in private practice in Singapore, said that the study aims to have subjects (n=13, aged 27-54 years) receive four sessions of the laser aesthetic treatment at an interval of 10-14 days. The preliminary results presented were based on assessment of subjects who have completed two treatments.

The laser aesthetic treatment was applied on the forehead, lower right side and lower left side of the face, and in some patients, on the neck as well. After two treatments, subjects rated their skin tone, smoothness, pore size, and overall appearance to have improved. Patient satisfaction scores also increased from 50 percent after the first treatment to 60 percent after the second session.

According to Dr Lim, the satisfaction rating after second treatment is at par with the results reported in Solta’s in-house Clear + Brilliant study. Dr Lim anticipates that patient satisfaction will increase with more sessions. “We have confidence that it will reach 100 percent after the last treatment, just like in Solta study,” said Dr Lim.

With regards to safety, Dr Lim said post-treatment swelling was reported in only one patient, and was very mild. Heat sensation during treatment and redness after treatment was mild and manageable. There was no hypo- or hyperpigmentation side effects associated with the treatment.

The Clear + Brilliant study is still ongoing and is expected to be completed in August, said Dr Lim.

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