Focusing on Combination Therapies in Aesthetic Medicine

IMG_6934Following a highly successful inaugural launch in 2013, the second Gender Aesthetic Congress Asia returns to Singapore in April 2014 with a new focus: Combination Therapies.

The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM) has identified combination therapies as the up and coming trend in aesthetic medicine, predicting that it will continue to rise throughout the years as aesthetic providers increasingly abandon single therapies and begin to offer their clients a combination of different aesthetic treatment methods as extremely effective in addressing age-related changes on multiple levels and produce results far more dramatic than previously seen.  It has been noted that patients have different requirements and often it calls for various treatments to achieve the outcome they wish. In addition, successful and profitable aesthetic practices are those that offer patients a combination of procedures.*

*Source: International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)

Why Combination Therapy?

It is the latest treatment paradigm in treating cosmetic indications, such as ageing, to achieve exceptional cosmetic outcomes for patients. Some of the benefits include:

ü  Delivering a holistic approach in the treatment of cosmetic indications

ü  Achieving optimal aesthetic efficacy

ü  Ease of application  in aesthetic practices

ü  Providing  rapid results with minimal or no downtime

ü  Attracting and retaining new customers by combining different treatments according to patients’ aesthetic needs

As Asia’s top aesthetic event for doctors, Gender Aesthetic Congress Asia will once again present the unparalleled opportunities to learn from world-class speakers, and network with leading experts, peers and suppliers from around the world.

IMG_6868What you can Look Forward to at Gender Aesthetic Congress Asia

Two Scientific Tracks:

Gender Aesthetic Medicine Congress Asia on 25th April and 26th April features the latest industry updates and advanced lectures on combining various non-surgical treatment methods such as botulinum toxin A, fillers, lasers and injectables through numerous live-video demonstrations, case studies and panel discussions.

Learn and examine advanced techniques and technologies, and the latest combination therapy methods from global best leaders who have successfully utilised these methods.

DSC_0326Key Topics:

  • How combination therapies change the game of medical aesthetic
  • What to look out for when adopting combination therapies in facial aesthetics
  • Unveiling the different combination therapies techniques to achieve advanced aesthetic results
  • Exploring the differences between European and Asian facial types to improve techniques

Gender Cosmetic Surgery Asia on 27th April 2014 presents top surgeons and renowned leaders on the different approaches and techniques that will enrich and enhance surgical practices. The conference will have a strong focus on cosmetic surgery specific to the Asian context and includes topics on contouring, rejuvenation, and troubleshooting.

Key Topics:

  • Achieving natural results in plastic surgeries
  • Exploring the different techniques in facial contouring and rejuvenation
  • Recognising the differences in techniques for Asian males and females, and how it will impact your surgical results
  • Troubleshooting cosmetic complications of the face, eyes, body and mal-positioned breast implants

Five Teaching Courses on 26th April and 27th April to update your knowledge and refine your skills:

  • Face Lift with Combination of Minimally Invasive Therapies
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Special Focus on Botulinum Toxin and Fillers
  • Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery
  • Formulating Cosmeceutical Products for your Aesthetics Practice

One Certificate Course on 26th April in Medical Aesthetics Management and Operations to equip healthcare professionals with skills in marketing and medical management in aesthetic medicine.

One Combined Exhibition Showcase on 25th April to 27th April featuring 80 booths to present the latest products, devices, and technology in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.


 Meet the Speakers

For a sneak peek on what to expect, we bring you exclusive interviews with two renowned surgeons who will be speaking at Gender Aesthetic Congress Asia 2014: Dr Olivier H de Frahan from France and Dr Kwon Taek Kuen from South Korea.

Plastic surgeon to celebrities, Dr Olivier H De Frahan shares with American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) his views on ‘the perfect face’.

new Dr Oilvier FrahanDr Olivier H. de Frahan, France & England
World’s No.1 Plastic Surgeon (rated by; Surgeon to Toyah Willcox; Specialist of Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Reconstructive Surgery

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AAAM: You are widely known as a surgeon to English singer and actress, Toyah Willcox, and you are rated as the world’s number one surgeon by How do you feel about that?
Dr Olivier:
I have no feeling about this, because I think it’s not possible to make a real classification. I think there are many very good surgeons in the world.

AAAM: How long have you been practising facial contouring and rejuvenation, and what are the procedures you normally perform? What would you consider to be the best things about your work?

Dr Olivier: I have been performing surgery for 25 years. The procedures that I normally perform include face and neck lift, eyelid surgery and body liposuction. The best thing about my work is to be in contact with different kinds of beauty, culture and diversity in the world through my patients. Also, a good cosmetic surgery result gives happiness and is great to do work which produces happiness.

AAAM: As a pioneer in creating natural look, what is special about your technique and how is it different from others?

Dr Olivier: I don’t know if there is something special in my technique but the aim is the harmony, with a certain idea of beauty which is mine. The aim is not to look younger, but to look better and fresher. I think surgery is not to transform the patient’s identity and personality which is unique. As for technique, I often combine during the same procedure, different technics in supplement of surgery, such as fat grafting to harmonise the face volume, laser resurfacing to treat the skin texture, etc. To be able to have a natural result, you must understand the ‘beauty keys’ of the patient in order to preserve them.

9772596_xlAAAM: What would you classify as the perfect face?

Dr Olivier:  The perfect face does not exist. Surgeons have to grasp the concept of harmony and apply it to their practice in order to achieve a beautiful face for each patient.

AAAM: Are there any differences between the Asian and Caucasian patients? Could you share with us some of them?

Dr Olivier:  There are many differences between Asian and Caucasian patients due to the differences in their facial anatomy: eyelids shape, skin texture, colour, etc. The eyelids techniques, for example, are different because here, Asians often request for Caucasian eyelid shape.

AAAM: What attracted you to speak at Gender Cosmetic Surgery Asia 2014?
Dr Olivier:
I think it would be interesting to meet cosmetic surgeons from different countries as well as understand the Asian cosmetic culture and industry at your event. The programme is great as it targets the Asian cosmetic industry, and doctors can learn a lot from it.

With neck lifts has become increasingly popular among both men and women today,  American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) International caught up with South Korean facial rejuvenation specialist, Dr Kwon Taek Kuen on his preferred method to tame the turkey wattle.


newDr.-KWON-Taek-KeunDr Kwon Taek Kuen, South Korea

Professor, Ewha Womans University; Associate Professor, Korea University; Head & Plastic Surgeon, Aone Clinic

Art, can we include stock pix of turkey wattle? J

AAAM: What are some of the popular methods to treat turkey wattle?
Dr Kwon: I believe the most popular methods are, short scar lift or non-surgical lift, such as thread lift or Ulthera. It is easy to catch the prospect’s attention due to its short downtime and affordability.

AAAM: What is your main method and why is it so special?

Dr Kwon: The most powerful method for correcting aging process is lifting of the skin. This is 100% effective and no other treatment method can surpass its effectiveness.

I perform deep plane face and neck lift on more than 1,500 patients and over 100 cases per year. Patients who are scared of deep plane method resort to mini lifts. However, to turn back time, deep plane lift is the best, and the results really speak for themselves.

15871599_xlAAAM: Can your method be combined with other procedures?

Dr Kwon: As aging process takes place on the entire face, correction must combine various surgical and treatment method. I consider surgery as the priority for repairing an aging face and then complement the procedure with other non-surgical methods for further rejuvenation. Our skin continues to age even after surgical rejuvenation so patients are recommended to have chemical peeling or laser treatment regularly to delay the aging process. My practice specialises in total face rejuvenation process in order to achieve the best result.

AAAM: Are there any side effects or complications using your method?
Dr Kwon: Similar to any surgery, side effects could include tingling, burning or pulling, swelling, bruising or infections. Although complications are rare in this case, doctors performing such surgery must know how to avoid complications.

AAAM: When will the results be visible?
Dr Kwon: Around three months after the surgery, result will be visible. It takes about 6 to 12 months to fully see the desired end result.

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