Talking About Sex, The Medical Way


An interview with Profs. P Ganesan Adaikan and Ng Soon-Chye by Sharon Chua Photo by Elmer Silo Gono More often than not, talking about sex is quite a taboo. People are simply uncomfortable talking about it for reasons that could be cultural, or medical. But to Prof. P Ganesan Adaikan and Prof. Ng Soon-Chye, sex […]

When Friends Do Business Together: An interview with Drs. Colin Theng and Mark Tang


Doing business with friends is not always a good idea. At least that’s what most experts say. Tell that to The Skin Specialists and Laser Clinic founders Dr. Colin Theng Thiam Seng and Dr. Mark B. Y. Tang, and you will only be left disappointed. These dermatologists have known each other since their days at […]

Shaping the Future in Gut Care – An interview with Drs. Jarrod Lee, Reuben Wong and Mark Fernandes


When Dean of Duke Graduate Medical School Ranga Krishnan delivered the 7th College of Physicians Lecture back in 2011, he observed that “the knowledge base in medicine has greatly expanded that it is no longer possible for a single physician to stay current in medicine as a whole or even in his or her own […]

Beyond the Surface

Despite being probably one of the least fear-inducing areas of medicine, dermatology deals with issues that while not necessarily fatal, can cause low self-esteem, which in turn, leads to poor employment prospects and insecurity when interacting with others. Dr Lynn Teo, a Consultant Dermatologist, took the time to share with us some of her experiences […]

Delving into a Rare Disease

“Do something that you like, something that you wouldn’t give up on even on a bad day.” When speaking to Senior Consultant of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Dr Ling Khoon Lin, one can easily see that he does in fact, live by his words. Passionate about his patients, his research and his role as an educator, it’s […]

Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness


While human beings have been practising the art and science of medicine for eons, the term ‘psychiatry’ was only coined in the early 19th century. Despite that, the field of psychiatry is still as rife with misconceptions today as it was centuries ago. Dr Alvin Liew, a psychiatrist at Adult & Child Psychological Wellness Clinic […]

Striving for Excellence


Dr Benjamin Chua on the fast-changing field of endovascular surgery According to Senior Consultant of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Dr Benjamin Chua, the concept of “unsalvageable” with regards to endovascular surgery is one of the biggest myths pertaining to this field. In fact, vascular disease can be prevented if dealt with early and properly. Dr […]

Rising Above the Challenges


Dr Andrea Low talks about her passion for clinical research “It is not about being the best in the world, but being the best for the world”. With a quote like that to guide her, it is not surprising that Dr Andrea Low is focused on doing her best in all aspects of her life, […]

Through the Eyes of an Ophthalmologist


Eyesight is just one of the many things we human beings take for granted; that is, until we start to lose it. While short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism are fairly common conditions, the complete loss of eyesight can leave one in despair. According to Associate Professor Clement Tan, Head and Senior Consultant at the Department of […]

Outwitting the Outbreaks


Professor Leo Yee Sin denies she is a perfectionist. However, those who know her beg to differ – and her long working hours are testimony to the hard work and standard of excellence she requires of herself. That means we can all breathe a little easier knowing that we are in the best hands when […]

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