Scar Management – The evolution of strategies available


Scars can often result from cutaneous injuries, leading patients to seek treatment for cosmetic or functional improvement. Treatment strategies have evolved from simple topicals and intralesional corticosteroids to laser treatments or combination therapy using different modalities. There has also been increasing evidence leaning towards the early treatment of scars for a better final outcome, which […]

Assisted Liposuction

Unrecognizable woman points on the abdomen with arrows, monochrome image. Fat loss and liposuction concept

In today’s society there is a great deal of emphasis on outer appearance, as the evidence that attractive people are more successful becomes stronger.1 Perception of outer beauty has also evolved throughout the ages and a beautiful body shape is now increasingly defined by a slimmer appearance with less body fat. With the aesthetics industry […]

A Quick Chat with Dr Michel Delune, International President of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Michel Delune Photo#1

With the Gender Aesthetic Congress Asia 2015 coming up, we grabbed this opportunity to interview Dr Michel Delune, Founder and International President of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), co-organiser of the Congress and one of the key founders of “the aesthetic medicine movement”. You completed your training in Dermatology and ventured into Aesthetic […]

The Multi-billion Dollar Aesthetic Medicine Industry

Dr Pfulg

Dr Michel Pfulg requires no introduction. Apart from being the Founder and Medical Director of Laclinic Montreux, Switzerland, he the fourth leading plastic surgeon in the world, as ranked by Dr Pfulg, inventor of the soft lifting technique, is a member of the Swiss Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, which he chaired […]

Windows to our Soul


We look into each other’s eyes when we communicate. Regardless of the person we communicate with, old friends, colleagues, or our beloved, eyes are the centre of our attention. They reveal our age and emotional states. Beautiful and attractive eyes are symmetrical, well-proportioned and alive. Upper Eyelids Natural-looking double eyelids generally make the eyes appear […]

Turn Around Bright Eyes


It’s been a great start to the New Year so far. Shortly after a series of Christmas parties, we welcomed 2014 with a big New Year Eve bash. In a blink of an eye, the Chinese New Year decorations and gatherings crept up upon us, too. Sounds like a great deal of fun, except all […]

Turkey Neck No More

According to a 2007 report by Life Extension Magazine, while there are many treatments out there that help maintain a youthful face, an individual’s age is all too often revealed by unsightly changes that are seen in the neck. In fact, it is believed that the neck has become one of the most neglected parts […]

Reshaping the Ageing Face


The ageing of the face is a three-dimensional (3-D) process which affects bones, muscles, adipose tissue and skin alike. This 3-D ageing process is caused by a number of factors, which include laxity, reduction of volume, the effects of gravity, the redistribution of adipose tissue and bone re-absorption. It is, therefore, of paramount importance to […]

Of Wrinkles and Skin Slackening


The most significant sign of the transition from youth to old age is the appearance of facial wrinkles. Beauty has always been associated with having young, smooth and glowing skin. However, apart from external beauty, the skin also reflects a person’s troubles, anxiety and pain – it is a mirror of the soul, and every […]

Of Botulinum Toxin and Men


The New York Times recently published a research study stating that botulinum toxin and other non-cosmetic procedures are apparently being used more and more by men. A growing number of middle-aged men are reportedly ‘freezing’ their faces with botulinum toxin injections and having their love handles nipped and tucked too. According to The Daily Mail, […]

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