“Don’t tell parents that their child has asthma, say ‘bronchitis’ instead.” When I was starting out in my medical career and being guided on how to speak to patients and relatives, this was a caution I had received. The stated reason was that parents are more likely to be alarmed to learn their child has […]

USA: One Hospital Five Lung Transplants in 24 Hours

Performing five lung transplants in 24 hours in the same hospital is no easy feat. Five is the average number of lung transplants performed each day throughout the USA. It’s highly unusual for so many lungs to become available in such a short a period of time. “We have a very deep bench,” said Dr […]

Bronchial Asthma


Bronchial asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases with an estimated 300 million individuals affected worldwide. Its prevalence is increasing, especially among children. Advances in science have led to an increased understanding of asthma and its mechanisms as well as improved treatment approaches. Bronchial asthma is a chronic disorder of the airways that […]

Protecting the Airways

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There is a growing public health concern over the spread of infectious diseases through airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi.1,2,3,4 In any medical practice, whether in hospitals or in private practice, there is always a risk of airborne microbial infection – between patients in the waiting room, doctor and patient during consultation, medical assistant and patients […]

Battling Tuberculosis in the Modern World


Battling Tuberculosis in the Modern World The TB Challenge by Dr Kong Po Marn Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that is gradual in its onset and slow in being cured. It is a significant public health problem. It is estimated that 8.8 million people developed TB and 1.4 million died from it in 2010 alone. […]

All That Wheezes is Not Asthma and COPD


All That Wheezes is Not Asthma and COPD The importance of flow volume loop in localising the source of wheezing by Dr Akash Verma Wheezing is a continuous musical sound that lasts >80 to 100 milliseconds. It is caused by flutter of airway walls narrowed almost to the point of closure. Wheezing can occur during […]

The Mycoplasma Story


The Mycoplasma Story When Coughing is a Burden by Professor Philip Eng Mycoplasma infection is often misunderstood and probably over diagnosed. Infection caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae typically cause respiratory symptoms. The organism was first discovered by Albert Bernhard Frank, a German biologist in 1889 who originally thought it was a fungus. There are over 100 […]

Understanding Allergic Rhinitis and Current Treatments

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Understanding allergic rhinitis and current treatments Sniffles Away by Dr Samuel Yeak You have a sensitive nose and just have to learn to live with it!” Many patients are still being told by their family doctors that nothing can be done about their problem. Some who try their best to treat allergic rhinitis in the […]

Childhood Asthma – Classification, Evaluation and Management


Childhood Asthma Classification, evaluation and management of the condition Dr Arun Kumar Pugalenthi  Asthma is a heterogeneous disorder in children that is characterised by recurrent airway obstruction, bronchial hyper-responsiveness and airway inflammation. Many clinical aspects are variable from individual to individual. World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that about 235 million people in the world currently […]

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