Fibroids and Fertility: What every practitioner should know


Uterine fibroids or leiomyomata are smooth muscle cell tumours. They are the most common benign gynaecologic tumour in women of reproductive age. The lifetime prevalence is around 30%. They are rarely found before menarche and usually regress after menopause. They are hormonally responsive, and oestrogens appear to promote their growth. One in four women with […]

Breast Conservation Surgery: Getting rid of cancer doesn’t always mean getting rid of your breasts too!


The diagnosis of breast cancer does not equate to losing ones’ breast. There is good long term evidence to show that a lumpectomy (also known as wide excision or breast conservation surgery) followed by radiotherapy has equivalent survival outcomes as mastectomy for early breast cancer. For women with more advanced breast cancer, chemotherapy or hormonal […]

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